Real Brides: Sam

My husband and I met because we lived at the same apartment complex at our college. At first, I was not at all interested but he started to really like me. We'd hung out with some friends a few times and I'd sprained my ankle; he called and texted me for 2 weeks making sure I was okay. It was so sweet, but I knew he liked me and I spent months trying to friend-zone him. We went on a date and I made sure he knew I only wanted to be friends. I left for a weekend road trip with some friends and it was being apart from him for a few days that I realized I loved him. Over the next month or so I started showing interest and he picked up on it. From there we decided to date exclusively. We got married on July 2nd and couldn't be happier. Photography: @dayna_jessicajanae with @jessicajanaephotography Make-up: @jessicamariemakeup Hair: @hair_by_shayc Moonlight Style: J6344