Real Brides: Ashley

Zack and I met when I was a counseling intern in graduate school. He was a staff member at the psychiatric partial hospital I was working at for my clinical hours. I had an instant crush on him from the moment we were introduced (he did too but he didn’t asked me out for several months). We been together for a year and a half now and married for just over a month! Dresses are obviously a huge decision but it was essential for me to find one that I felt comfortable in. I’m a CrossFit coach and competitive athlete so my body type is different compared to most women. My shoulders and back are super muscular but my waist is tiny, so finding dresses can be a nightmare. The ladies at Coni and Franc, my bridal salon in Morgantown, WV, pulled the dresses that I thought I’d like and requested. But honestly the one I chose was a random pick from my sister who was with me! When I put it on, I felt comfortable, made me feel feminine, and loved the way it showed off my physique. Plus, both my mom and sister started crying, so that was a give away. Ha! It was one of the first 3 I tried on and I never wanted to take it off after that. Photo: The Gernands