September 15th, 2015

How to Be the Ultimate Maid of Honor

So you were chosen as the maid of what?  With great power comes great responsibility.  As the chosen one, your tasks involve much more than dress shopping and a teary eyed toast.  If you're feeling overwhelmed, and who wouldn't, use these 10 tips to ensure that you assist the bride as needed before and during her special day.

1.  Make Time

The bride could have chosen any woman to be her maid of honor, but she chose you.  YOU.  After accepting the title of maid of honor, it is imperative that you make time to help the bride every step of the way.  This includes assisting her at appointments and being her shoulder to lean on at all times.

2.  Be Enthusiastic

Maybe you just broke up with your long-term boyfriend or you're just not a big fan of weddings.  Regardless of the circumstances or your stance on weddings, it is important that you remain positive while you hold this coveted title.  

3.  Give Honest Feedback

As the head correspondent, the bride needs you to be honest and assertive with her when it comes to making important decisions, like choosing bridesmaid dresses.  

4.  Keep a Cool Head

In order to avoid seeing your dear friend turn into Bridezilla, take the necessary steps to keep her relaxed during this magical yet stressful time.  For example, in case of any fashion emergencies on the wedding day, keep the bride calm by bringing a small emergency kit with band-aids, bobby pins, safety pins, and any other items you may need in an urgent situation.

5.  Plan the Bachelorette Party

Now for the fun part!  If you've ever been a host, this part should be a breeze.  However, if you've never planned or hosted an event in your life, don't fret.  You have a team of bridesmaids to help you with this task. Coordinate with the girls to choose a location and theme that the bride will love.

6.  Direct the Bridesmaids

As the chosen ringleader, you are responsible for contacting the bridesmaids and being available at all times.  This includes making sure that the girls have transportation to scheduled events and have purchased their dresses and shoes.

7.  Get Creative

Go above and beyond and create something special for the bride, such as a scrapbook featuring photos of the bride with you, the bridesmaids, and the groom.  Make the bride feel truly special by having the bridesmaids and groom leave a personal message in the scrapbook.  Congratulations, you just won MOH of the year. 

8.  Create the Ultimate Dance Playlist

To make sure your bride has the most memorable dance party of her life, use our wedding playlists that we made just for you at *paste playlist post link here*

9.  Prepare a Speech

As the maid of honor, you are expected to make a toast after the best man.  Take a deep breath and deliver an unforgettable speech that you've prepared and practiced in advance.  Despite the inevitable nerves, make sure you pace yourself with the drinks and be yourself.  You got this.

10.  Dance with the Best Man

You made it.  You successfully helped the bride throw the biggest, most fabulous celebration of her entire life.  All you have to do now is kick off your heels and dance with the best man. 

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