Who to invite to your wedding


Wedding invitations can become a little tricky when it comes to deciding who to send them to. Do you send it to your co-workers, how about college friends? Or friends that run in the same social circles, but are still acquaintances? Regardless of what the unspoken rules are, this is your day and you should be able to pick who is invited! 

Here are some helpful tips:

-One of the first steps is deciding how many singles you want to invite. Depending on that number you can decide if you are allowing guests to bring a "plus one" and if you are having children attend. Sometimes adding these extra people makes the invitation list go above and beyond what  you expected. 

-Next, Who are the must-have singles? Obviously this is different for every couple; however, most likely your family and close friends will be first on the list. 

-You then want to consider friends, co-workers, and family friends. This is completely up to your discretion!

-Lastly, depending on how big of a wedding you want, you can consider distant relatives and old friends. 

Do not feel obligated to invite your whole Facebook friends list, or Instagram followers, today  we are socially interacting with so many people in our everyday lives, but how many people do you personally interact with? When it comes to such an intimate moment , it's important to consider who you really want there. 

Consider the number of invites you send out very carefully since this will be the stepping stone for catering, seating charts and venue space. 

Our final tip: This may be one of the few tasks you and your partner tackle together, so make sure you both take the time to think about who you want present on your big day! 

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